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In order that your child can attend The School or Holiday Hub you must complete both the Registration and Permission forms. You can either complete and submit them online or print them off and send or take them to The Hub

The forms below can be submitted online. They are sent directly to the club and your data is not held online. For your convenience the forms will retain the information you enter on your device so that you may return to complete the form at a later time. If you would like to clear this data from your machine at any time simply click the button (above) marked "Clear form" and your data will be erased.

Is your child in or key stage 1 key stage 2?:

Parent's / Guardian's names

Home Address

Primary email address

Who has Parental responsibility for this child?

Emergency contacts

Person 1

Person 2

Person 3

Authorised persons to collect your child (other than above named)

It is important that we know of all persons authorised to collect your child(ren) besides the parents/guardians named above. Children will only be released into the care of person named on the sign in/out sheet which must correspond with the authorised adults on this form. If you have telephoned to make alternative, last minute arrangements, a password system must be in place.

Family password:

Authorised Person 1:

Home Address

Authorised Person 2:

Home Address

Medical Details

Does your child have any allergies/dietary requirements?

Does your child suffer from any medical problems e.g asthma, eczema, epilepsy?

Is your child taking any medication that we should be aware of?

Does your child have any special needs or disabilities?

Additional Information

On occasions we may need to contact other professionals involved in your child’s care to share information.
Are you happy for us to do this?

We will always inform you if we contact other persons involved in your child’s care.